Date added: 07.10.2015 Rocky Rice

Do you want a rice bar with great taste and pure ingredients that will excite you? Then you want a Rocky Rice, Rice Cake!



Date added: 07.10.2015 Rocky Rice



Date added: 24.11.2014 Trolli

Tasty strawberry flavored Trolli gummies! Available in the convenient packaging of 1kg for parties, baptisms, birthdays and other events! Find the all the range of Trolli gummies and many other treats right here!

Date added: 20.11.2014 Triillo Biscuits

Looking for something new, original and tasty in biscuits, to serve with your coffee? Triillo spoon biscuits are perfect for serving with cappuccino, espresso and all kinds of coffees and teas. Delicious and practical!


Date added: 20.11.2014 New Breadsticks

Quality, crispy Torinesi breadsticks made with extra virgin olive oil by Amor Di Pane is available in two very convenient packaging that make them perfect for the office, a trip and especially for all the times you are looking for a tasty crispy snack!


Date added: 19.11.2014 Birthday Party

Make your children’s party even more fun and tasty with all the wonderful treats you can find at our Sweetland e-shop! Wacky shapes and amazing flavors that will definitely amaze everyone at your party!

Date added: 19.11.2014 Trolli Marshmallows

Looking for a way to make your candy table more impressive? We simply suggest two ideas how you could display the trolli Choco-banana mallows and Peach mallows!


Date added: 19.11.2014 Corny Chocolate

For all chocolate fans, Corny has so many tasty options, which whichever one you choose you will be very delighted by its amazing taste!


Date added: 17.11.2014 Bulgari Marshmallows and Chocolate Fondue

Prepare a sweet night with friends and enjoy tasty soft Bulgari marshmallows with melted chocolate! Find the whole range of Bulgari marshmallows right here t our e-shop!


Date added: 17.11.2014 Delicious mixed marshmallows

Tasty and lovely Bulgari marshmallows with delicious flavors and fun shapes! Find all the Bulgari range and many other sweet treats right here at our e-shop!