Confectis Free Candies 33g - Butterscotch



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Butterscotch: Full butter, full milk, full pleasure! All these in a low calorie, sugar free and gluten free package!

Confectis Free Candies 33g

The all new FREE Candies available in the very attractive packaging of 33g, box! With natural sweetener from STEVIA, 0% Sugar and Gluten free, FREE Candies are here to be your favourite, healthy allday treat! Cool your breath with the refreshing flavour of green tea and spearmint, soothe your throat with eucalyptus and minthol or lose yourself in the explosive, fiery cinnamon feeling!

4 great flavours to choose from!

Confectis Free Cinnamon Candies 33g
Confectis Free Eucalyptus Candies 33g
Confectis Free Spearmint/Tea Candies 33g
Confectis Free Butterscotch Candies 33g